BUKIT BINTANG FOUNDATION is committed to be a driver to integrate frontier technologies in its projects and technical assistance to establish a scientific, progressive, climate adapted society contributing to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Sharizal Shaarani


Sharizal has an eclectic range of experience as an entrepreneur and corporate rat-racer, working with Petronas, Khazanah and as well as a US Fortune 500 across the fields of Business Process Management, Fibre Optic Networks and Aquaculture. A key achievement that he is proud of is the ownership and development of a unique technology in a high-value aquaculture species that can help make the oceans, aquaculture industry and the people that is touched by them more sustainable. He has extensive experience in policy making, being involved in Malaysia's Economic Transformation Program where he helped create a RM1.6 billion grants program for the aquaculture industry.

He has helped improving peoples lives and by co-founding several national level NGOs that are focused in democratic empowerment, effective entrepreneurial participation and mobilisation & galvanisation of Malaysian Students in the UK and Eire.

He continues his passion to improve people's lives with the Bukit Bintang Foundation within the context of using technology to bridge divides and gaps towards a smart and sustainable city and rural living. At home, he devotes his time to family, enjoying cooking for his wife and allowing his son and twin daughters wrestle him down in their playpen.

BUKIT BINTANG FOUNDATION is a non-profit that promotes sustainable city living by advocating the application of technology to facilitate the  everyday lives of the urban citizen.

The current pathfinder project is the creation of a "Silicon Alley" in one of the 6 zones of Bukit Bintang that will encapsulate work, live and play with technology in a living lab environment that will create spill-over effects in the other districts in terms of socio-economic well being, efficient government delivery mechanisms, creation of new and sustainable businesses that brings wealth and income to its urban citizens.

An anchor program that will be held annually will be the Bukit Bintang Grand Idea Challenge, where people from all over the world will be invited to suggest creative solutions to make Bukit Bintang an exciting place to work, play and live in and a chance to win seed-funding for their idea.

​With the success of this living lab, the Foundation aims to share and replicate its success as a model for other cities of the world.



Jack Lim


Born and raised in the heart of Bukit Bintang KL, Jack is passionate about driving positive change through sustainable and inclusive community-led initiatives. He is a staunch advocate of organisations big and small adopting the framework of Triple-P bottomline; Profit, People & Planet.

Jack has worked with the best minds from organisations such as Gartner, Adobe and Xerox as well as spent time serving the nation with the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and is widely acknowledged to be a trusted advisor to the C-Suite and business decision makers on digital strategies and digital transformation. He helps IT leaders articulate the business value of technology to achieve desired economic and social outcomes.

A community builder at heart, he enjoys connecting the dots and bringing people together to ideate and tackle complex issues which bring benefits to all.  In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and catch up on his reading & watching Netflix.

Dr Farouk Abdullah

Digital Transformation Advisor

Dr Farouk Abdullah is digital leader with over 15 years of first-hand experience of establishing analytics teams and delivering enterprise wide transformation in large companies in the UK and South East Asia.


Farouk has spent most of his working life in the UK where he led data and analytics teams in corporate banking, the energy sector, led the transformation of large media organisations and is currently the Chief Data Scientist and Country head of Natural Intelligence Solutions.


Known as an industry thought leader and advisor to CEOs, he brings wide industry knowledge of analytics and data science coupled with commercial nous and senior management experience.

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